OPEN Creatives is a weekly creative writing workshop that focusses on fostering and funnelling  young people’s imaginative ideas into the form of writing.

Please read our youth bookings terms & conditions.

OPEN Creatives explores both major forms of writing: poetry and prose, and endeavours to provide participants with a number of activities that are designed to challenge and incite growth in the art of writing.

Participants will engage with a variety of literary techniques that will help mature their craft. They will then have the opportunity to implement what they learn within a workshop setting.

OPEN Creatives  is not exclusively concerned with the practice of writing, but there is also an optional performance aspect. Each week participants are encouraged to share what they have created (within or outside of the workshop). This aspect of the session is designed to develop the participants spoken word capability; it is also a great opportunity for them to receive constructive feedback on how to make their writing better.

At its core, OPEN Creatives is a group that believes in the importance of imagination, and how writing can facilitate creative and personal growth within an individual, which can often lead to positive, wider societal change.

Come along and be challenged, discover what you believe, and learn how to communicate it through the medium of creative writing.

Day and Time

Every Tuesday during term time (with effect from 5th March)

5.00pm - 6.00pm - Junior Creative Writing (ages 7 - 11)

6.00pm - 7.00pm - Senior Creative Writing  (ages 11 - 17)

Cost: FREE

All you have to do if you want to be considered is attend OPEN Creatives on a Tuesday evening from 5-6pm. Furthermore, please email the OPEN Creatives leader, Johnny Raspin, on to state that  you are you coming. You should include your submission within the email, this will give Johnny the opportunity to look over your work and discuss any editorial changes that may need to be made when you attend. We look forward to meeting you and reading some of your fantastic writing!     

Please ensure you have completed a Consent Form prior to arrival.