OPEN can offer your school a range of enrichment activities ranging from one to three hours of provision or weekly courses.

OPEN's positive activities can be suited to primary and secondary school groups, based at the OPEN Venue in Norwich City Centre.  

This is ideal for pupils who are in transition or finding it difficult to engage in school and need some extra support to develop their confidence and self-esteem.

We are flexible in our approach which ensures the service on offer is appropriate to the needs of your students. Many of the activities on offer will fit well alongside the curriculum such as drama sessions to explore themes that the students are studying, or comic book making that can support students reading and writing, climbing to promote discipline and self-control, dance sessions to promote health and fitness, multi-games to support team work skills and much more. 

We can even support students to gain an accreditation such as Arts, ASDAN or Norfolk Youth Awards.

Our provision has been Quality Assured by Norfolk County Council.


Caron Goreham- Work Placement coordinator- City College Norwich

“Our Level 2 Public Service students completed their volunteer training delivered by the team from the Open who were enthusiastic and engaging. The students enjoyed visiting Open to see the fantastic facilities and the volunteering opportunities available to them.  They developed skills working with others and came away understanding the benefits of volunteering. This is valuable experience to add to their CV’s and will help them into employment in the future” 

Cost: £65 per hour + VAT