For schools interested in collaborating with us, we can deliver a four-week block of activities of the school’s choosing, either through one-hour long sessions at lunchtime or two-hour long sessions after school.

To book an activity please complete our Google Docs Online form

Arts and Crafts
There are so many things you can do with arts and crafts, and with these nifty little numbers your young people are sure to be feeling engaged and creative. Each week there will be something different and more interesting to make, from oceans in a bottle to friendship bracelets.

Creative Writing
Whether it is poetry or prose, creative writing is always a great way to get the brain working. Taking the lead from the young people, we can create anything that they would like, even comics and newspapers! 

From a large musical instrument collection, we can bring you some fantastic equipment and knowledge on music that will have your young people brimming with excitement. We can also teach them how to record and mix music so that they get the best out of what they can do.

Ranging from dancing, acting and singing, these Performance workshops will see your young people’s confidence soar whilst they have fun and hang out with their peers.

Recycled Fashion
Learning to sew may not be a skill that many young people have had the opportunity to learn. With this series of workshops, they will create fashion forward pieces of clothing from old, tired looking clothes.

Science doesn’t have to be boring, with these amazing and mind blowingly fun experiments, its sure to get even the most reluctant of young people interested in science…there may even be slime!

Multi Sports
We don’t just cover one type of sport; we cover all of them! With these amazing games that sample multiple different sports, it’s perfect for an active group young of people! 

Team Games
With these fun and active team games that keep your young people moving and engaged, you’re sure to have them coming back for more. 

Film Production
There are so many aspects to film production, you are sure to find something that will engage each of your young people. Whether its acting, script writing, filming or editing, there is something for everyone in this fun activity.

These workshops will help young people to see the beauty in the world around them and show them how to capture it forever. Using DSLR cameras and also phones, our team can show young people how to use natural light to their advantage and how to utilise photo editing software.

Dungeons and Dragons/Table-Top Gaming
Lose yourself in these immersive games that inspire role play and problem solving. Battle dragons and warlocks from the safety of your organisation and complete the quests to get a real sense of achievement. This activity is perfect for those creative imaginations that tend to run a bit wild!

Volunteer Mentor
If you have any young people who are interested in a career in working with children, then giving them the head start on this course will make a difference! The Volunteer Mentor Programme gets young people to look at and experience situations that they may find themselves facing if they choose a career in the field. Through a series of workshops, they will learn the do’ and don’ts of being a Volunteer and will be given the opportunity to see how Youth Clubs are run and put their training to the test. 

Life Skills
With this series of fun and informative workshops, young people will have the opportunity to learn about important life skills.

  • Sexual Health
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Money Management
  • Building and Keeping Good Credit
  • Mortgages
  • Taxes
  • Employability

Any questions, or if you would like to arrange a meeting, please email