OPEN Youth Trust is delighted to welcome Echo Youth Theatre and working in partnership with them in 2018 to provide exciting new opportunities for young people.

Echo Youth Theatre (EYT) was created to provide challenging and varied theatre experiences for young people, in the environment of a theatre company, without the burden of regular classes and termly fees.

We understand that young people who are passionate about theatre or performing want to broaden their experiences outside school or regular classes, but equally want to maintain what they already do. Membership of EYT will provide flexible, complementary activities and challenging opportunities to develop new skills.

Echo Youth Theatre will provide opportunities for anyone who wants to be involved including performers, creatives and those interested in the technical aspects of theatre.

We believe that providing a variety of opportunities, working with a range of different directors, practitioners and artists will enable our members to develop both as young people and as all-round performers.

EYT will be working with some of Norfolk’s most talented creative teams to provide high quality productions – initially two major productions in 2018 – plus a series of workshops throughout the year. Members will have the chance to experience all aspects of theatre production and we are keen to support young people, both on stage and back stage, to achieve their theatrical ambitions.

We are delighted to have received so much support from industry professionals and established performers in Norfolk and we are excited to begin our first year.

For details of the workshop programme for members can be found on our Gigs and Events pages.