Tue 25 Jun 6.30pm

Price: FREE - Booking advisable

From the people who bought you the Cambridge Marketing Meetup... This is a meet up for the marketeers of Norwich.

An opportunity to socialise and learn from your fellow marketing professionals on a range of topics relevant to the field today in a friendly, happy, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Please come and join us on the second Tuesday of each month. We start at 6.30pm and around 9.00pm have a two speakers followed by open human connections.

We have a Facebook/Marketers Support group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/themarketingmeetup .

Anyone welcome so long as you come to listen, share and learn, not sell and shout over one another :).

Your relationship with tech & Learning to love sales


Paul Maskall, Cyber Security Consultant, Jungo

Technology isn’t the enemy, but our relationship with it could certainly do with some work. No doubt it has brought us all closer together through connectivity, social media and communication, but it has also pushed us further apart.

Our relationships, personal and professional, have been transformed to fit a model of convenience and efficiency. An unsustainable model that without a balanced and mindful use, contributes to stress and anxiety.

What has been designed to make us more productive, diminishes our ability to focus entirely in a sea of notifications and information.

It is about recognising that technology cannot be considered in isolation in regard to our own personal wellbeing, organisational culture and work towards a balance.


Caroline Robinson, Director, Sandler

There is often tension, or at least a lack of cohesion between marketing and sales with both sides getting frustrated with each other whether that’s in a large or small business.

Have you ever heard those in sales say ‘ I can’t do my job because marketing isn’t doing its’ or ‘marketing just isn’t producing enough good leads’ and on your side perhaps you get frustrated that leads get squandered, that money is wasted producing content that sales say they need, or that those in sales seem to get all the glory.

There is a better way, where marketing and sales can be happy siblings where one supports the other. How can we get to this happy place?



Brand Recruitment - The best marketing recruitment company I know and wonderful supporters of the meetup. (Thank you Steve, Sarah, Dominic and many more of you!)

Further - A Norwich based digital marketing consultancy, run by incredible people (Thank you Steve!).

Redgate - A well known company in Cambridge with an incredible culture now hiring marketers (Thank you Kate!).

Cambridge Marketing College - The best place to get your marketing qualifications and more (Thank you Kiran and Charlotte!).

Bravo Marketing - A creative agency focused on engagement, not just content for the sake on it (Thank you Barry!)


Please let your marketing friends and colleagues know about this group too, I hope to build it into a great resource for the community over the coming months and years. Attendance will be taken at this event. If you RSVP 'Yes' and then do not come, you will receive a strike. Three strikes and you're outta here! This is simply a measure to allow appropriate respect to the organisers, speakers, sponsors, and your fellow community members :).

See you there!


Event Info

Format of the Night:

18.30 - Doors Open - Light Snacks, Drinks, Networking, and smiles

19.00/19.05 - Introduction and Talks Begin

20:10 - Talks finish and networking begins with the world's nicest marketing group

20:40 - End of the night - you leave with new contacts and fresh ideas