In the first two weeks of January 2018, we are undergoing a massive technical infrastructure overhaul in both our Banking Hall and Club rooms.

Our current trussing is all coming down and being replaced by a much bigger and versatile system that will allow flying of lighting, sound, draping, staging and performers. This upgrade will make us one of the most flexible event spaces in East Anglia.

All events currently booked in will be delivered as planned but if any new bookings are interested in what new technical facilities we will be able to offer, please get in contact with our Technical Manager, David Royse, as soon as possible.

We also highly recommend that any existing or repeat bookings contact us before your event to discuss what else we might be able to offer to you.  Our in-house technical team will work closely with you throughout your booking process to ensure you receive the highest quality audio visual advice in advance of your event.

On the right hand side is a future copy of the future Venue Specification, designed to help any bookers or future events understand what will be changing within the venue - the key points have been highlighted in red.   PLEASE NOTE that information included within this document is subject to change at any time.  Please contact our Technical Team for the password.