Your kind donation will go towards helping young people in a number of ways...

Over the last three years, your donations have enabled 4,500 to participate in our programmes and courses, using our state-of-the-art facilities, professional expertise, practical and emotional support, a dedicated advice service, and training and employment opportunities. 

We do whatever we can to break down barriers to participation and deliver tailored outreach programmes.  These programmes are targeted towards those who are disengaged or disadvantaged.  By supporting and nurturing them, we help them to realise their potential.  

You can help by making a regular monthly donation by Direct Debit.


£5 can pay for a hot meal for a homeless young person;

£10 can pay for one hour of one to one employability coaching for a young person; 

£20 can pay for a bursary placement on one of our holiday courses;   

£50 could pay for two disadvantaged young people to gain a level one recognized accreditation to enhance their CV;

£100 could pay for 12 young people lacking in self-belief to take part in a one day course aimed at raising self-esteem, aspirations & improving mental health; or 10 gym memberships for young people;

£200 could pay for 80 bursary places on our school holiday programme;

£250 could pay for an apprentice for 12 months or pay for 42 young people who face multiple barriers to have one hours tuition on our climbing wall to promote positive wellbeing, health & team work;

£500 could pay for delivering a sensory disco aimed at young people with disabilities.

Thank you for your support. You are playing a vital role in saving young lives. Together, we can protect our county’s youth.