Following on from the hugely successful Lolcal News exhibition in April, in case you missed it, we are offering you the chance to purchase the art work on display.

For your chance to own a piece of inspiring local art that celebrates the humour of Norfolk headlines, please contact our Development Manager, Angela - - or Harriet, Fundraising Coordinator-

All artists are donating a percentage or the entire sale of their work to our charity.

Nadine Huseyin

This Lowestoft store alarm has been ringing for days no one knows how to turn it off


Tim Biddle

Norwich grandmother 'humiliated' in Tesco for being Scottish in mistaken identity 


Josh Gowen

Why will our chips be 5mm short this year?


Philip Carter
Norwich gas holders: when will they be gone?


Steve Kirkendall

Norfolk mum's slow cooker fry up gets 'overwhelming reaction


Darren Leader

How on earth did it get up there? Mystery over car stuck in tree 




Dibs McCallum

It wasn't me - Les Dennis denies being responsible for Norwich graffiti



Fiona Gowen

Retirement apartment risk turning Lowestoft into 'Spanish holiday resort'


John Scarratt

Dangerous load 'flapping around' stopped by police on A47


Ollie Hoff

The Norwich Tool Show is coming back to Carrow Road