Young people are at the very heart of what we do. We involve young people in our decision making process at all levels across the organisation and believe this makes our organisation stronger and more impactful within the community.

We do whatever we can to break down barriers to participation and deliver tailored outreach programmes.  These programmes are targeted towards those who are disengaged or disadvantaged.  By supporting and nurturing them, we help them to realise their potential. We do this by operating “on their turf and in their time”. 

Over the last three years 10,000 young people have attended our events and conferences and 4,500 have participated in our programmes and courses.

We offer our young people access to state-of-the-art facilities, professional expertise, practical and emotional support, a dedicated advice service, and training and employment opportunities. 


£50 could pay for two disadvantaged young people to gain a level one recognized accreditation to enhance their CV

£100 could pay for 12 young people lacking in self belief to take part in a one day course aimed at raising self-esteem, aspirations and improving mental health

£240 could pay for 42 young people who face multiple barriers to have one hours tuition on our climbing wall which promotes positive wellbeing, health and team work

£500 could pay for delivering a sensory disco aimed at young people with disabilities

Holiday activities - £10 a month from 250 people would fund a range of activities designed to educate, empower and engage our young people.

Youth Volunteer Programme – The cost of one young person completing our Young Volunteer Programme and getting themselves “work ready” is £150. By 2018 we aim to have had 195 young people complete the programme.

Performing Arts - £50 a month given by 20 people will allow disadvantaged young people across Norfolk to organise and develop their own performances – building their confidence, raising their self-esteem and enabling them to be more confident citizens in the wider community.

Apprenticeship Programme - £100 a month given by 20 people would enable us to provide apprenticeships designed to prepare young people to become “work ready”.

Healthy Eating Programme - £180 a month would allow 32 young people to complete our Eat Well workshops which will increase their health and wellbeing.

Life Skills Programme - £180 a month would allow 36 young people to participate in our Life skills programme designed to prepare young people for independent living.

Climbing wall - £180 a month would allow up to 36 young people to experience our climbing wall - getting them active, building trust, self- confidence and building self-esteem.