Easter Holiday 2020 Flyer

Activities for 4 - 6 & 7 - 11 year olds during the Easter school holidays

What's On

Guide highlighting some of the events taking place at OPEN between October - December 2019. This edition also includes our partnership with Echo Youth Theatre and our New-U Shop.

OPEN Creatives Anthology

A collection of poetry and prose by the members of the OPEN Creatives writing club. Click on image to purchase a copy. £7.50 + P&P

Corporate Brochure - A Venue & Charity

Every penny of profit from our venue goes directly to young people in Norfolk - a compelling proposition for any organisation looking to invest in the next generation

Venue Hire

Details of the diverse range of spaces available to hire

Schools Enrichment Programme

OPEN Youth Trusts enrichment activities on offer to schools. These activities are ideal for pupils who are in transition, finding it difficult to engage in school and need some extra support to develop their confidence and self-esteem or for celebration events.

Youth Engagement Strategy

This strategy sets the direction, methodolgy and priorities for the Trust’s work with young people over the next five-year period 2015-2020.

Youth Participation Strategy

This strategy focus on the innovative ways that we engage with young people. Focusing on four key areas: participation, learning, employability and progression.

Info for External Caterers

Terms and conditions for external caterers using our kitchens

Child Protection Policy

This policy outlines some of the Law in regard to Child Protection, which will assist us in providing a secure environment for children.