Ahead of popular 90’s music “Common People” night, the guys behind the event caught up with Mark Morriss from The Bluetones before of his performance at the charity gig on Friday 21st February. Here's what he had to say...

Hello Mark, hope you are well? Tell us what you are up to at the minute?
A: Decompressing from the latest Bluetones tour which finished last weekend.

You always seem to be on tour or gigging – whether it’s with The Bluetones or as a solo artist – do you ever take a day off?
A: My life consists of either gigs or childcare, and it's a balance I like very much. If I'm not on the road then I'm making a packed lunch, or marking homework, or washing school uniforms. I love it.

Which do you prefer? Solo shows or shows with the band?
A: I love both, but being with the band is like being amongst family. There has in the past felt like there was a greater sense of freedom when performing on my own, but lately the band have become so tight that we're able to be a lot more spontaneous than we have in the past. And I really react to that sort of thing well.

How much are you enjoying the renaissance of 90s music at the moment?
A: I'm going with the flow. 

In spite of this – is it important to you to keep recording new stuff, rather than just rely on the old?
A: Only in as much as it keeps me feeling focused and engaged. If you've a large catalogue behind you, it's not necessarily essential to keeping adding weaker and weaker material to it. I don't think the world really needs any more Rolling Stones albums, but I get why the musicians want to have other things to play.

What are your fondest memories of Norfolk , a place we know you head to regularly?
A: I like to go to Stiffkey every now and then when I need to get away from things for a few days. I like it there a lot.
I also had my one and only meltdown at a hotel in Norfolk in the mid 90s. I dismantled all the furniture in my room, using a Swiss Army Knife. I piled all the wood up in the bath, and left all the screws in a cup in the sink. And slept on the floor. It was very therapeutic.

What can people expect of a Mark Morriss solo show?
A: It'll be a mixture of Bluetones numbers (because of the nature of this particular evening) my own songs, and a few covers thrown in for good measure.

In no more than 3 words, why should people come?
A: Because I bloody said. Oh, that's four. Sorry.



Mark Morriss, lead singer of The Bluetones, will headline a special 90s music charity night. Morriss will headline an evening of 90s Britpop, indie and dance that will raise funds for the Priscilla Bacon Hospice Appeal and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The night will also include DJ sets from Common People DJs, a 90s music memorabilia raffle, giveaways and much more.  

Mark Morriss is available for interviews upon request.

Photo caption:  Mark Morris – credit Steve Hunt photography