City Centre youth charity OPEN Youth Trust (OPEN) will see young people undertake a climbing challenge with a difference, in aid of the charity that’s made a positive difference to their lives.

On Saturday 11th May around 25 young people, who have all been taking part in various climbing activities at OPEN, will attempt to climb to the ozone layer.  This is an area in the Earths Stratosphere that protects us from the Suns ultraviolet radiation. 

Dan Jeffrey, Climbing Instructor, said: “This year the young people of OPENs climbing clubs wanted to do something different to challenge themselves.  After involving them in the decision making, they decided they wanted to climb the equivalent height to the Ozone layer! The Ozone layer begins at around 9,656m, so to reach that height, to complete this challenge the climbers will take it in turns to climb Norfolk’s tallest indoor climbing wall 805 times.

Dan Amador-Clarke, a member of the Ascenders Club said: “We have gained so much from taking part in climbing at OPEN that we wanted to be able to give something back and raise funds for this amazing charity challenge is an excellent way to do this”.

To support these young people in their challenge, just click on the Donate Now button opposite and your donation how small will go to helping the OPEN Youth Trust to make a positive difference to the lives of even more young people in Norfolk.

Photo caption:  Young people from OPENs climbing clubs getting ready for their challenge – Credit OPEN Youth Trust