City centre youth charity, OPEN Youth Trust (OPEN), is pleased to announce Paige George as their first business ambassador.

Paige who went to Neatherd High School, and now works as a Private Client Executive for Cozens-Hardy solicitors, is the charity’s latest ambassador, joining fellow ambassadors, Joe Crowley, Alfie Hewitt, Vicky Williamson, Sophie Wright and Iona Lake.

From the age of 11, Paige had always aspired to pursue a career in law and was determined to work hard to fulfil this.  Paige started working for Cozens-Hardy solicitors in 2012 as a Business and Administration Apprentice, very much working from the bottom of the career ladder to her current position as Executive. Paige has been shortlisted as a finalist for the National Paralegal Awards as ‘Paralegal of the Year 2019’.  Paige also enjoys being involved as social secretary for the Norwich and Norfolk Junior Lawyers Division and for the NewGen Committee.

Paige actively engages in the local community and enjoys meeting people from all walks of life. In her spare time, she is pursuing a passion for motivating individuals such as friends and family and also helping her clients overcome their emotional hardships and always tries to remain positive. 

Her ultimate life goal is to encourage, motivate and inspire people to achieve their dreams no matter what their circumstances are or what background they are from.

Paige, from Norwich, said: “I’m excited to become OPEN’s first business ambassador and help spread the word in the community of the fantastic work the charity does.  I’m really looking forward to making a difference and helping the younger generation, who feel as though life isn’t going their way, realise that there is someone who cares and has walked a similar path and managed to achieve their goals.

John Gordon-Saker, Chief Executive of OPEN said: “From the first time of meeting Paige I was impressed by her journey and the drive she has undertaken to get where she is today.  We are all really excited to have Paige on board as our latest ambassador, she will be a great inspiration to other young people and living proof that hard work and determination does pay off.   We look forward to working alongside Paige in helping younger children with their educational skills and behavioural issues by encouraging them to succeed and achieve their goals.”

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