Last year the OPEN Creatives, a creative writing group at the OPEN Youth Trust (OPEN) launched a collection of their poetry and prose titled The OPEN Creatives Anthology at the Book Hive. This year, they are set to launch their second published work – The OPEN Creatives Anthology Vol. II on Tuesday 17th September.

Over the course of the year since the success of their first launch, the group has been meeting every week and working hard to improve their ability, resulting in the creation of their second anthology. The work features pieces of poetry and prose from all members of the group, with ages ranging from 7-17, and seeks to showcase the talent and hard work of the young authors. The writing group encourages the children to ‘develop their spoken word ability’, as well as giving constructive criticism to aid them in honing their writing ability.

The launch is set to be held at the National Centre for Writing at Dragon Hall on Tuesday 17th September at 6.30pm, where canapes and drinks will be provided. The launch will feature readings by the young people of their various works, curated by OPEN’s Creative Writing tutor Johnny Raspin, who says: “If you’re interested in creative writing, or just want to help support your local community it’s definitely for you. It’s so important to give all our young people opportunities to express themselves, and it’s events like this one that show everyone how talented they are and why charities like OPEN are so needed.”

Evie, one of the writers featured in the anthology says: “We’re really excited to launch our second anthology and to get our work out there. It has been over a year since the last launch so it will be good to show how we’ve all improved.”

Being a hub for the nurturing and encouragement of young writers, the National Centre for Writing is the perfect location for the parents and peers of the children, as well as any members of the public to listen to the children perform their works and see the talent and dedication that has gone into the OPEN Creatives anthology. Copies will be available for purchase £7.50 with all profits going back into OPEN Youth Trust, where it will be able to fund more opportunities like this one, thereby facilitating the creativity and aspirations of young people, including those most disadvantaged, all over Norfolk.