An audience with Simon Hooper, Father of Daughters

Simon Hooper is a social media phenomenon. He is better known to his 825,000 followers as @father_of_daughters – the name of his wildly successful, and brilliantly entertaining, Instagram account which he started only two years ago. 

Simon is father to four girls: Anya (10), Marnie (7) and two-year-old identical twins Ottilie and Delilah. He is married to Clemmie Hooper (aka @mother_of_daughters), a midwife and author of How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out.

Simon’s meteoric social media rise is down to the creativeness of his daily posts, in which he gives a hilarious take on his life being surrounded and outnumbered by girls and children. Parents everywhere relate to his experiences and non-parents love his hilarious storytelling.

Now, Simon has written his first book: Forever Outnumbered which will publish in hardback, ebook and audio on 3 May.

Simon’s book is a real life account of parenting: funny, honest and compelling. It is a heartfelt ode to family life and though he tells chaotic and hilarious tales from his own home, families of all shapes and sizes will find something of their own journeys into parenting within its pages.

Simon Hooper says: ‘With four children to parent, a full time job and a social media presence where I share the often untold story of fatherhood, I found myself wondering, “What can I do with the mountains of free time I have available between 10pm and 3am while my family snore upstairs?” The answer was obvious. Write a book documenting the daily trials and tribulations of parenting from a dad’s perspective”.

Emma Victor-Smith, founder of We Got This (Sometimes!) and host of this event said “Most of us love a bit of honest parenting to make us feel better and Simon brings the dad's perspective, which is quite often overlooked. A recent study found nearly half of millennial dads (up to age 35) would be willing to take a pay cut to spend more time with their children (Modern Families Index). Simon's funny and honest take on life shows how he juggles it in his family. I’m looking forward to meeting Simon to discuss modern fatherhood, equality, paternity leave, the juggle, why he starting documenting family life and what his new book is all about.”