Below is an article written by Akshita Brahma who recently visited our Drop In.....

Recently I was invited by a close friend of mine to go to a place. There, he volunteers as often as he can and makes the difference to many lives that we all undoubtedly wish we could.

OPEN in Norwich is an influential and safe space that truly encompasses virtuous acts of humanity. It radiates a warmth and compassion rarely found in our modern society, loves people for themselves and accepts each for their own attributes.

Due to my naturally inquisitive instincts I delved deeper into this zone of absolute acceptance and learned that people from all backgrounds, natures, ethnicities are involved with equality as a key theme, which for so long has been a world wide struggle.

People with mental health issues are helped and progress leaps and bounds in self confidence which is so important to boost in a world where a judgemental face is around every corner, they are treated with the respect and aren’t subject to feeling alone due to their differences.

At OPEN they enhance individuality and don’t see hardships or personal choices as an issue but in fact they build character to raise people to a platform in which they can be carefree and feel like they can be themselves. To be in a society where people need hideouts like this, as incredible as it is, could reduce anyone to tears. Why as a community are we not as humane as we can be?

We’ve only got each other and to think people have a specific location they go to feel safe is incredulous. I, for one, feel ashamed to be in a world where we don’t love each individual for their own traits but rather base opinions on looks or negative issues.

What about the soul behind the man with the facial scar? What about the angel hidden within the kid that always walks alone? What if that were you? As a generation we need to respect anyone we meet and teach those around us to not be shallow, and knowing that a place exists, a small utopia in our universe of dysfunctional beings, brings me some hope for humanity.

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