The history of our venue dates back to 1779 ...

...when Alderman James Poole, a wine merchant, sold Barlett Gurney his premises.  Gurney installed safes for bullion in the former wine cellars and the Gurney Bank was established.

In 1896, 20 banks including the Gurney Bank were amalgamated under the name of Barclay & Co Ltd.  However Barclays Bank outgrew its premises and in 1926 a new building was designed with a huge banking hall, offices and strong rooms.

As a bank it was reputed to have had to longest banking counter in the UK and became the regional head quarters of Barclays until it was sold to the Lind Trust in 2003.

After purchasing the building, the Lind Trust established a Youth Forum whose primary aim was to assess the needs of young people in Norfolk and in 2005 the OPEN Youth Trust  received charitable status. 

Hudsons Architects worked with young people on how best to make use of the interior of the venue, both for young people and also conference users, and in 2009 a totally redesigned venue being handed back to the Trust.

As part of Heritage Open Days we annually offer public tours of our venue so keep an eye on our Gigs & Events listings for details. Group tours can be arranged by appointment (maximum of 10 people per tour) just call 01603 763111 to arrange.  Can't get in for a tour take a look at our Heritage Information Boards


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